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Weekend BBQ

August 31st, 2008 at 08:41 pm

We had our Labor Day BBQ a day early. DH is going dove hunting tomorrow and will not be home until late. Had my FIL over and enjoyed steak, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, and brownies. I was stuffed! I made the coleslaw, potato salad, and brownies. That is an accomplishment for me since I am culinarily challenged! Smile Leftovers were had for the evening.

The only bad note for the day was our brief visit to Lazboy Furniture store. They had a Labor Day as listing "all recliners for $449." A special financing deal or no sales tax was also shown in the ad. DH is VERY picky about a recliner so he thought he might not be quite as picky for that price. He is not looking for anything high end -- but leather and comfortable are on his list. He bought one at Costco recently and returned it. The display model was great but the one in the box was not. Anyway, off to Lazboy we went and lo and behold ------ there was a disclaimer regarding the recliners. Seems only the pictured models (all fabric coverings) were for that price. The salesperson would not budge and we left. My DH was so irate that we had wasted our time and gas driving there that he called the store when we got home and spoke to the manager. She said that the ad had a mistake in it. DH is so livid that he will never purchase anything from Lazboy ever. That is a shame for them because I am always on the market for a few good lamps and I might have purchased them there (due to the sales tax incentive). I am consdering sending a letter of complaint to corporate headquarters but don't know if I would get any resolution (other than venting).

Summer Summary

August 30th, 2008 at 10:33 am

WOW! The summer has really flown by and I do not have much to show for it!!! I did not take much time off this summer due to job issues. But we did go camping at the Kern River in July for 4 days. It was fun but very warm. Usually we go to June Lake but the price of gas kept us a little closer to home. We did see the areas that we used to tent camp (we now have a trailer) about 1 hour from the campsite. Turns out we can get the trailer into one of the camp areas. This area is primitive and has small, shallow streams running through the area. It is at least 10 degrees cooler and due to no facilities, almost no one is there! Out dog does not have to be tied to a tree. Next time we go that way, we will "rough" it with the trailer.

I did manage to get next week off. It has been a tradition. My DD starts 5th grade on Thursday. I walk her to school (4 blocks) and visit a bit. Next year she will be in middle school - so she may not want me around as much! I plan to declutter the house (gigantic task, but I'll focus on a small area). I desperately need to have a garage sale soon - I want DD to declutter her things and make a little $. If things don't sell, then we'll donate them. I am trying to get her to be more responsible. Hope this works!