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December 29th, 2008 at 09:52 pm

Finally sat down to write a bit in this blog. I have been busy (I know - who's not?) with things.....

But I am resolving to be more frugal in the future - my first goal is to use our stockpile. The first stockpile I intend to tackle is the "giftcard stockpile." I have lots of giftcards sitting around unused. I checked all the balances (I am in California so the cards can't expire) and am planning to use them as thoughtfully as possible. I definitely do not want to spend for the sake of spending.

As a matter of fact, today I did use one giftcard. I took my 10 year old DD to get her haircut for Locks of Love at the local beauty college. She decided to do this on her own and I am very proud of her. Her hair is so fine and so long and so tangled that cutting it is a blessing for us, too! A pleasant surprise is that the cost of haircut (escept tip) was zero! Seems the beauty school does not charge for Locks of Love. Plus they take care of sending the hair to the organization. Great! DD's only complaint is that her hair is too short - it is a cute bob - she just has to get used to it. Next, off to the 99 cent store for DD's reward for the haircut. She picked an ipod skin and a candy. I bought a few things including a LARGE can of cocktail sauce (I got several packages of frozen shrimp last week on sale). I do not know if I can freeze it, but I will email Contadina for input (the can was 7 lbs for 99 cents!) Perhaps I can use cocktail sauce in other dishes as well. Then off to Pizza Hut to use an old gift card. Spent $2.30 out of pocket for a large pepperoni pizza. Good lunch for us and DH at home with carrot sticks and fruit.

I went to CVS this pm for a few items. Got albacore tuna for 77 cents a can and also Yuban instant coffee (B1G1F) and some vitamins (also B1G1F). Paid with ECB's.

Overall, a nice day with DD. Tomorrow we are off to visit my Mom and Dad with DD and two of her friends. My folks have a farm with chickens and sheep and her friends are excited city girls. They can't wait to gather eggs and help feed the animals. The farm is about 1.5 hours away so it is easy driving.

I am sure glad to be back.

1 Responses to “Back to the Blog”

  1. fern Says:

    Gift cards would not last long in my hands!

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