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A Weekend of Tidying Up

February 22nd, 2009 at 04:09 pm

Spent most of the weekend trying to declutter and get rid of stuff. Mostly paperwork - I am a notorious piler. I especially love to collect magazines that I usually don't read (at least 99% of them are free subscriptions). But on a good note, the work cafeteria now has a reading section. Bring books and/or magazines to swap. So..I have already dropped off 5 magazines. I went through the house and thumbed through about a dozen issues of various mags and slipped them into a bag to bring to work. Hopefully others will enjoy them.

Got to also slug through mounds of junk mail hunting for bills and tax info. A lot of the mail is from charitable organizations. I give at times -- but it seems once I give, they want me to give all the time! They also send LOTS of address labels -- I will NEVER use all of them! I am trying to figure out a way to get them to stop sending those. I can't send them through a shredder -- I tried, but the adhesive gums up the machine.

Finally opened up the spice rack DH got me for Christmas (yes I am slow). We also set up the Wii Fit that came from Amazon a few days ago. So far, it is fun. Amazingly enough, the Wii Fit tells me that my weight and BMI are in the normal range! A bit inaccurate -- I would like to lose about 20 lbs and the scale does agree with that observation. Frown DD likes to go on the runs but tends to cheat by moving the whatchamacallit with her hand instead of jogging in place. I hope to use this daily to add some movement.

Went to my niece's playoff game in bball last night. Unfortunately, they lost. Boo. DN looks like she is heading to college with a scholarship as longs as she stays injury free. Well, that will be in a few years since she is still a freshman.

Made pancakes for breakfast this am for DD and her friends. There were enough to freeze for future breakfasts. Lunch was leftover rice and broccoli slaw and also included shrimp and corn. I am busy freezing leftover cocktail sauce. I got a HUGE can 40+ oz for 99 cents at the 99 cent store. Could not resist -- I needed some but the prices at the supermarket are much higher. Dinner will be leftover chicken and whatever else I can scrape out of the cupboards. I may make some cookies for dessert from a box of cake mix. I got lots of boxes for free last year and usually make cookies rather than cakes. The cookies always turn out well even if the cake mix is expired. I stir in raisins or M&Ms or chocolate bits into the batter.

Now.. off to work on my taxes.

It's Raining! Yay!

February 16th, 2009 at 02:49 pm

It's raining off and on here is southern CA. I love it when it rains -- and we sure can use it! Today is a holiday, but I did go into work today. Contractor could not work due to weather, but I did spend a few hours catching up on paperwork. It was great to work with little distraction. Then went to the company gym, and off to home with DH and DD.

A no spend day today -- we just had grilled cheese on hamburger buns with avocado for lunch. I got the cheese on sale last week for $1.88 lb (good price for here). Buns were given to me by a friend (her gardener gives her volumes of day old bakery goods) and the avocados were from our tree. Dinner plans will be chicken or bean burritos and carrots. Chicken is a leftover. Lots of sour cream, salsa, and avocado for garnish. Lemonade is one of the beverages (FIL's tree). Dessert can be cookies or See's Candies.

Yesterday DD and I went to a local mall to use up some gift cards. I haven't been to a mall for shopping in quite some time. Both DD and I did not like it -- to many people. I keep hearing that the economy is in trouble and spending is down. But there were no signs of that at this mall! People everywhere with lots of bags! We went to Vitamin World (with coupon); Gap (gift card); Justice (no gift card but 40% off the entire store so some decent deals were made); Victoria's Secret (gift card); and See's Candies (gift certificates). Got some good deals and free goodies at Justice and See's. I still have gift cards so I think I will have to make more trips to redeem them. I worry that the stores will not be there and I will be out my money. I do feel good that DD could see that we were being prudent with money; and also that my disdain of rampant (not mild) spending and commercialism is rubbing off on DD. DD is happy wearing just about anything (although she is getting more concerned about matching these days); and is an ardent recycler. She has more fun making things out of cardboard, etc. I am hoping to have her GS troop visit a local recycler this year and also start a papermaking project.

So.. I am having a lazy afternoon sitting on the computer and vegging.....

Girl Scouts and Organized Chaos

February 9th, 2009 at 09:17 pm

Well, I have partially recovered from a girl scout weekend! A local GS unit sponsored a local "Mall-lock in." Theme of the event was Mall Olympics. Each troop was to have a "booth" or activity related to the Olympics. Our troop had a balloon relay - put an inflated balloon between the knees, race to your partner, hand off to partner, then race back to the finish line! If you drop the balloon, pick it back up and keep going. That was hilarious!

The girls brought sleeping bags and were camped out near the Target entrance. Of course, there was not much sleeping. Games were held throughout the course of the evening. Fortunately for me, our booth was from 10-11:50 p.m. Other troops were not so lucky - their events were from 3-4:30 a.m. There were also skits and dances. Food was around all night - salad bar and veggies all night; pizza from midnight to 1 am; and ice cream from 3-4 am. Breakfast from 5 am-7 am. The girls had a blast!!!! Most stayed up for most of the event. I got 20 minutes of sleep. Frown The adults also had sentry duty at various times - I pulled a 3 am shift in front of the pet store (keep girls from annoying the dogs). We also had to make sure that no one left the mall and that no damage was done in the restrooms.

We got home Sunday am about 9 am. I took nap #1 from 9-12:30 pm and nap #2 from 2-5 pm. Then off to bed at 10 pm and back to work today. Whew!!! I was so tired that I could not even move. And to add insult to injury, DH said that I snored!!! Smile But DD came to my defense and told the truth!

Our next GS adventure will be a weekend at a camp in the local mountains at the end of March. But this time, all activities will be taken care of and the leaders will do nothing..... (I can only hope)