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Life's A Blur of Activity!

March 25th, 2009 at 07:58 pm

This week has been zooming by so quickly! This past weekend I was able to declutter about a dozen bags or boxes of unneeded "stuff." DD has had two nights of choral performance, I attend Girl Scouts Leader meeting, and Jazz singer practice for DD today. Tomorrow is DD's chorus party, and Friday we are off camping for the weekend with 14 Girl Scouts! I am so tired that when I put my head on the pillow I am out within 3 minutes! Haven't seen DH too much this week, either. Frown He works nights and had had to leave this week before I get home.

FIL is still with us, but hopefully will transition back to his house soon. More cleaning to be done at his house! DH wants me to check into Life Alert to see if it could fit FIL's needs. Hope so. Right DH is taking him back to his house for a few hours each day to get him back into his routine. The plan is to send him back with us checking on him and using a part-time caregiver. Luckily he does not need any medical assistance at this time.

FIL's dog also needs to go back home. Seems she is used to "yipping" when she wants to get someone's attention. DH does not like that and has had some "words" with her. No neighbor complaints so far. Our dog is actually being quite good about sharing space and attention.
The cat is not so tolerant of the new dog -- when everyone is inside, she sometimes decides to show the dog who is boss by sneaking up and giving her a swipe on the nose! As a result, FIL's doggie is a bit afraid of the smaller cat.

There has been more talking about offering early retirement incentives at work. I work at a local city government (been there a LONG time) and unfortunately, per the rumor mill, I will miss the opportunity. I was planning to work 5.5 more years to receive my pension without penalty. The rumored offer is 5 years to be used as needed (time or age). Even with the added 5 years, I am still 2 years short. I was lucky enough to start very young. But I will have almost 33 years when I do retire which will be a comfortable amount. It sure would have been nice to get a smaller amount 5 years sooner! Oh well, I am very blessed to have a job that I enjoy with no danger of layoff. I work with the greatest "cast of characters" that the world has ever seen! I may write a book about my career adventures someday -- especially a book about the various excuses that guys have used for being late or not coming in! Or a book about what some folks have done playing pranks on others (ex-lax cupcakes, anyone?) Smile
These stories are all true, and someday I may describe them but of course change the names to protect their identities. At least my job is never boring!!!

Enjoy the week!

Stuff Never Ends!

March 22nd, 2009 at 05:30 pm

This weekend has been nonstop! Purging through "stuff" at home to donate to ARC on Monday. I have gone through a few rooms and barely made a dent. Sigh! At least DD has been cooperative and is helping give away toys and clothes. We have also been going to FIL's house to clean and purge as well.

FIL is staying with us for a bit after falling a few weeks ago. He fell in his kitchen (no known reason) and DH found him on the floor the next day. FIL went to hospital for a few days and rehab for 2 days before coming to our house. The hospital experience was not the best, to say the least! FIL was a bit disoriented and was very out of his environment (he is 88 and has early AD). Nothing was broken and the only thing that could explain the fall was a low potassium level. The stint at the convalescent house (it is NOT a home) was not necessary, but DH agreed to placate his sister. He finally said that enough was enough and brought him to our home. The convalescent place kept asking about his insurance and that they recommended a stay of 4 weeks! There was nothing to rehab! DH said that he was checking him out. FIL is doing very well and not behaving oddly as he was in both of those places. We intend to clean up his house and have a part-time person keep an eye on him. He lives about 10 blocks from us so we will be doing a lot of checking as well. I do feel bad because I can't think of anything useful for him to do. I would have had him water the outside yard but it rained today. DH (who works nights) takes him back to the house every day and runs him on their errands. My biggest drawback is cooking! I have always been "culinarily" challenged and am now cooking 2 meals a day. But FIL will eat anything though. I am so used to scrounging for DD and myself so this is an adjustment.

I did see a local freebie for Southern California folks -- buy $75 worth of Legos from downtown Disney (forgot store name - legos, probably) and get a free annual pass for a child at Legoland. Limit 2 passes per family ($99 value). Hope this is of value for someone.