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Great Weekend but Back to Work........

May 26th, 2009 at 06:40 pm

Had a great Memorial Day Weekend. DD turned 11 on Saturday. We went to a local restaurant of her choosing (Hawaiian-Japanese casual cuisine) and saw Star Trek at a small theatre nearby ($5 each). DD got a digital camera as per her wishlist. We will have a small birthday party at our home next month - her birthday is not on the best weekend for a party. On Memorial Day, we had steaks from the freezer (bought on sale); fresh french bread (free with coupon); carrots; olives; baked beans; and salad. For dessert I made a peach upside down cake with peaches from FIL's peach tree. Yum! FIL is drowning with peaches - they are small ones that don't last once they are picked from the tree. I have been busy flash freezing them for later use.

Also trying to get ready for our trip to Texas this weekend (and yes, DH wants to drive!). Seems Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will all be about 90 degrees. No surprise, but I know I will have a jolt in Texas with the humidity. Southern California is pleasantly dry! Hope to visit a bit in Texas - any ideas near Austin? The Citywalk in San Antonio has been mentioned. The Gulf does not look too far on the map - maybe there as well. No plans for Houston though. FIL has a ranch that we want to visit out in the country.

Have a great evening!

Not so Fast!!

May 8th, 2009 at 09:05 pm

I spoke of the possibility of early retirement in an earlier entry, and was seriously considering it. But... as things go, it appears the offer has been withdrawn for the time being. Darn! Just when the dream was getting closer to reality! The next rumor is talk of cash incentives towards targeted individuals - whatever that means. I am not sure who the targets will be. I'll let you know if I have a bullseye on my back! Smile Time will tell - 5 years to go in the meantime.

DH and I are talking more seriously about reworking and simplifying our finances. Everything has been on autopilot, but I have been guilty about not looking for the best deals on things like insurance (auto, home, etc.) Why? Procrastination, laziness. Sometimes I can't seem to propel myself into savings mode especially with larger ticket items. DH says that I can save a buck with a coupon but it's hard to save a few hundred on a bill. He is right. I need to make a better effort to get organized. Once I am organized, I can investigate the differences between companies.

Today is my DS' 21st birthday! I called him on his cell to wish him the best (he lives on his own). His buddies are taking him out and I told him to be safe and not drive anywhere! I will see him on Mother's Day! I miss my "little boy" and it is hard to adjust to him growing up. DD is still 10 and I think her growing up may be harder for me to deal with.

Tonight it is just me and Sophie and Spot (dog and cat respectively). DH is at work, and DD is at a friend's house. I am working on decluttering while watching some TV and writing this blog (of course). Tomorrow is the day to leave a bag of groceries for the mailman (I think this is nationwide). I have two bags set aside so far. Last year our mailman complained that I left too much! This year the food pantries are a bit bare and written appeals for groceries are in our local paper. Hunger definitely does not take a vacation.