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Back from GS Camp! :)

August 5th, 2009 at 06:32 pm

DD is back from 9 days at Girl Scout camp in the local mountains! We missed her more than she missed us (I think). She was on the go the entire time with swimming, hiking, archery, etc. Even had time to pull a few pranks -- her unit put rubber duckies every in the BIFF (bathroom). was very proud that she handled the 9 days away (longest time away from home not with a relative) with no problems. She was also very responsible with her digital camera (did not lose it!). Fun pics of canoeing and her counselors and lots of new friends. She is anxious to go again next year,

I had attempted to work on her room while DD was gone but was not too successful. I am trying to get rid of stuff that does not fit anymore and donate them. Also need to buy her new soccer shoes because practice starts on Friday! I know it is hot everywhere, but the last few days in So CA have been very hot and humid - over 90 degrees a few miles from the ocean.

I have bought some school supplies at CVS that are FREE after earning ECBs. Got most of her items but will head off to Office Depot on Sat to get the rest. I do have a gift card so that should help with the cost. I asked DD about what kind of backpack she might want and she said, "Mom! You already bought one at Target a long time ago on clearance." Of course, I did not remember where I put it. But DD found it no problem. The only problem is that I "found" 4 other brand new backpacks stashed away for the start of school! One I must have bought when DD was about 5 or 6. It has Winnie the Pooh on it (real cute but not cool for a 6th grader). So I will donate the ones we do not need. I do really need to stop buying stuff because it is a good deal. They are good deals, but lately I am forgetting where I put things. I am getting better on food and toiletry items, but there is more room for improvement needed. Simplify, simplify, simplify -- getting by with less. That needs to be my mantra.

I mentioned a bit back that early retirement plans may be offered by my employer. And that I may be eligible. Well, things seem to be on hold for the moment. It appears that the concept was approved, and that some unions approved a proposal. A proposed increase to our retirement contributions would be about 0.75% (although if I stay, my current contribution of 2% would shoot up to 6.75%). But a recent actuarial study indicates that the increase is just not enough -- an increase to 10% or so with a 5 year payback period is more prudent in today's economy. So, alarm bells have rightfully sounded about these plans! No kidding! So, we'll see what happens. I had not made any decision about whether to go or not. I plan to wait for the final proposal if and when it comes. I did determine that my current net is about 39% of my gross. So the penalized amount that I think that I might receive is more than that amount. But I will not longer be contributing to my 457b($22K yearly). But I do not plan to touch any funds currently in that account. It was also mentioned that no medical insurance coverage until age 55 (I am 50). Even though I use coverage via DH's job, that clause makes me very nervous. We have a minor DD. I worry that medical benefits could be decreased or eliminated if I am not an active employee. So I asked DH to check if I would be entitled to survivor benefits if something happened to him before that time (though he asked if I was planning anything). So, I am living more frugally and saving more just in case.