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Thankful for Many Things

September 19th, 2009 at 08:44 pm

The title says it all -- I have posted in the past that I may have an opportunity to retire early. I had been mulling over all the implications - both financial and otherwise. All of the facts were not disclosed so I had been waiting for a final version of this plan in order to make a sound decision. Well, I heard yesterday that the latest version excludes any opportunity for anyone in my group to retire. A penalized retirement will not be permissible. But our group will graciously contribute an additional 4% for our retirement contribution. Frown In addition, there are talks about furloughs, layoffs, and reductions in holiday pay. But..... on the bright side, I still have a job! There are so many others that are out of work in this country. I am thankful that DH and I have stable jobs, medical insurance, and good health. We own our home without debt and are maxing out all of our retirement options every year. We are also part of the boomer group (the youngest end) that are also part of the sandwich generation. We have parents that are aging and need assistance, yet we still have our DD at home. But I am thankful that DD can see that caring for grandparents is the good and right thing to do. Not always easy, but right.

What are you thankful for in these uncertain times?