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Girl Scout Haloween Mania!

October 29th, 2009 at 09:33 pm

Our troop hosted an annual Halloween event for our service unit at a local park -- about 550 girls showed up! 25 troops signed up for "booths." Small games, such as relay race, tattoo parlor, etc. were enjoyed by GS in Halloween costume. It was a nice sunny day and not too hot. Most girls were princesses and butterflies witches and such. One good costume was a dark green dress with artificial grass glued on. She wore a garland made of the same green stuff. Sign on the grass read: "Keep off the grass." Best "funny" costume I saw was "Kate Gosselin" -- girl wore the wig with that weird haircut and six dolls hanging everywhere! Too funny! I did not see anyone in "Octomom" costume, though. The event was a success and happily there was very little trash for our girls to cleanup. We also collected used blankets and towels for a guide dog organization. One of the members brought a dog in training and the girls were very excited. We will be meeting with this person next month to learn more about the organization and its work. Our troop will also tour a local animal shelter to learn about dog care and get information on volunteering at the shelter. My DD is very interested in the volunteer aspect of girl scouts (read - beaming Mom) and I hope to encourage her. She would love to have another dog at home but DH is not up to that YET.....................