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Friday the 13th!

November 13th, 2009 at 08:15 pm

Today my last name must be Murphy! Whatever shouldn't happen, did happen. I couldn't log in as Admin to a few computers (password did not work for some unknown reason); had an 11 o'clock meeting and the location was changed but I was not notified (They called looking for me - kind of embarrassing); and the car......... Check engine light continues to come back on. DH has cleared the computer and looked through the car. It is a 2000 Ford Explorer and may be looking at a lot of work coming up. Perhaps the water pump, perhaps hose replacements, shocks, rotors, etc. Possibly $500-$1500 to repair. It is worth it? DH says either we fix and keep for a few years or dump it now before shelling out $$$ for any major work. The plan had been to keep car for at least 2-3 more years and then buy a new car (I drive my car for work so I can write off things like depreciation, etc.). I know the blue book value is not too high but I am still thinking that repair is cheaper then 2 years of monthly payments. But DH is looking at a Ford Focus or something similar costing $15K or so and then trading in vehicle. I am just so adverse to another payment coming up - even if it sound like it will be cheap. Perhaps if a 0% came up I might bite. Anyone have further insights on that? Now pardon me while I am off to pick up DD from her school performance this evening -- hope we come back with no mishaps! Smile

Five More Years! : )

November 10th, 2009 at 11:06 pm

Sounds like another political campaign promise! The early retirement plan from my employer have come to fruition. Of course, I am in the group that started early enough to be offered a tidbit but too young to really go..... The tidbit would be about 55% of current income. Because I am not 55, I am also hit with an age penalty --- oh, now to wish I was 5 years older - HA!!!! DH and I seriously discussed the option, but even though I did earn lifetime medical (dinosaur plan) I cannot use it until I am actually 55! So, that has tipped the scale to staying. Bad news -- I get an automatic 4% paycut due to an increase in retirement contributions. Good news -- I am paying that to myself. Other good news -- I really, really like my job. I get to wear jeans and workboots and work with a bunch of great guys. I think that I would miss them (don't tell). I am so fortunate to be employed in today's economy. So, the plan is to continue to save as much as possible between now and then. In two years, I will be able to utilize the catchup provision in my 457b - yay! In the event another opportunity presents itself for early retirement, I will be ready to pounce.

DH and I are also beginning to evaluate areas of cost reduction. Our only debt is a small tractor loan. We will continue regular payments because the interest rate is 0%. We just switched our auto insurance to another company and saved hundreds of dollars while increasing coverage and adding an umbrella policy to our homeowner's.
DH would like to buy some rental property but I hesitate to get into debt. Values here in southern CA may drop more -- but maybe not? If a really good deal comes our way, maybe. But if I knew where the bottom of the real estate market was, I would be rich.......... Smile