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Scary Talk about Layoffs

February 23rd, 2010 at 09:53 pm

My employer (a local City gov't) had offered an early retirement plan incentive to get the "deadwood" off the rolls. I was technically eligible but did not take the offer due to lack of "old age." Smile Actually, my retirement would be penalized because I am not quite old enough and I would not be able to use my medical coverage for 5 years. So here I stay.... But the gloom continues to settle over the city - reminds me of Gotham City. The city is so mismanaged for various reasons that I don't want to discuss due to the heated atmosphere. But now the amount of potential layoffs is up to 4000 employees. It is so sad. I am in no danger of layoff but it is disheartening to know that others are. I have seen so much gov't waste throughout the years. But the "good ole boy" system was in place. Even now, Mayor Booze-dough (pronunciation for a Croatian word that roughly means "village idiot") is mugging for the media and taking business trips to somewhere rather than addressing possible solutions to the problem. Furloughs have been implemented in most departments and pay cuts across the board are been discussed. Pay cuts or layoffs? In my personal situation, layoffs are a better option because I probably will never be affected. But, I am torn about those 4000. Is it worth taking a 5% or 10% or 15% pay cut so that others can keep their jobs? Of course it is. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford any one of the proposed cuts. My pension amount is based on my highest year (this year ends July 1st unless I get promoted). And DH and I have been socking away more than usual just in case. I have stocked our pantry and our fruit trees are all producing - life is good. But others are not in the same position. Many co-workers have stated that they would lose their cars, homes, etc. if more than a 5% pay cut is imposed. Most seem to be in denial about what might happen - the "deer in the headlights" look. They tend to react, not act. They don't remember that it is not necessarily what you make - but what you keep. They are still eating out every night, have 2-3 car payments, etc. I am actually sitting there stunned. If the union have the opportunity to vote on the issue (rather than having it imposed), it will be interesting to see how the pendulum swings.

Setting an Example

February 21st, 2010 at 09:20 pm

DD has a friend over last night. Her parents are the stereotypical "giving" parents - this girl has about every electronic device available. And she always says that she is bored! Frown No wonder - too much stimulation. No sports activity other than school PE for her. We established set times for DD to play with her DS and Wii. Weekends only for those items and a finite limit of the time. I made a point to let DDF know about this and why. We also went to the recycling center at the local university and took her with us. We not only recycle cans and bottles, but also bring cardboard, food packaging, etc. DDF did enjoy throwing the glass into the dumpster! Right now DD and DDF are out walking the block delivering Girl Scout cookies. I usually go with her, but thought it was a good idea for them to go outside and do some walking before it starts to rain.


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

February 14th, 2010 at 05:03 pm

Happy Valentine's Day to all! If you do not have a special sweetie, then just remember everyone on this site has a special sweet spot for you! Our day is a rather quiet and practical one. DH took DD and I to Sizzler's for our VD lunch yesterday. We all had a meal plus the bottomless salad bar. DD and I promptly wrapped up our meat (malibu chicken and steak) to take home for a later meal. DH just can't bring himself to do that! Smile
I also baked sugar cookies with hearts on them (bought at the 99 cents store).

Today DH is out washing the car with help from DD and he will be working tonight (with my permission of course!). He got a homemade card from me (made at the craft show) plus a few chocolates. DD was so sweet - she made homemade cards for both of us! She also put $$ in the cards but we told her to keep the $$ for herself. Also went for a bike ride to limber up for the pm hockey game.


Got home after the game (lost, BOO HOO) to see DD watching a show called "It's Crafty." It is actually a pretty good show. The star does a lot of crafts by repurposing items -- example, making shelves from old snowboards. So DD wants me to get some even though she does not snowboard. So my answer is NOPE, unless you see them by someone's trash cans on trash day! Smile