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Weekend is Up! :(

March 14th, 2010 at 09:29 pm

It seems that the older I get, the faster time seems to pass by! When I was younger and had nothing to do, I thought everything was soo slow.................... But now (and the time change does not help quite yet) the day zooms by and sometimes I feel I have not accomplished a thing!

I still have my Sunday early am ritual - cup of tea and the newspaper. I do really enjoy this - alone with the cat and no other distractions. Reading is all done by the time the household gets up. DD was off last night at a friend's and did not get home until almost noon. I spent a few hours wrapping up planning to a Girl Scout camping trip for our troop. We are camping at a ghost town in a few weeks -- should be fun. The weather is anticipated to be almost 80 daytime and 50 degrees at night. So short during the day and campfire with s'mores at night. Yum! We will be making situpons with old vinyl tablecloths this week and left over yarn from other projects.

Also am beat -- played two hockey games today in playoffs. Made it to the semi's but lost. But pretty good for beginner league with most of our players over 40. It is sure hard to compete against a 25 year old!!!!! Smile But I got my exercise for the day!

Also been talking to DH more about retirement. Fortunately for us, all online calculators have us in extremely good shape. DH would like to buy some rental property since prices are down. Game plan would be to pay off loan in about 5 years (my retirement date). But I do not want to over-extend ourselves. Last thing we need are renters who don't pay and have to suffer through an eviction. I had a rental years ago with my XDH. We (really me) had to evict them and go to court. I was successful in getting all rent monies back (plus interest) via garnishment. It was very stressful. Renters thought we were wealthy and should bail them out! To add insult to injury, renters had bought a boat and had it in the driveway! My XDH got the rental in our divorce and had to deal with additional troubles before he sold it. I don't think it is a good idea unless it is very local (the prior rental was 55 miles away). So.... if a good opportunity presents itself, we'll see.

Pi Day Was a Waste of Pie! :(

March 12th, 2010 at 04:44 pm

DD's public middle school celebrated "Pi Day" - yes 3.14......... by serving free pie at lunch. DD came home with an entire apple pie! Smile That was the good part. And here is the not so good part....................
DD was told she could take one pie home (and only one). She did try to get another but her hopes were dashed! There were many, many pies left over (many of them untouched). All pies not given away were thrown into a dumpster! I do not have all the facts, but DD saw them heaved. This is a total waste! There is a teen shelter about two blocks away, and I know for a fact that they will accept ANY food donations! Whole pie, half pie, whatever. Health department is not an issue. I am so frothed -- I may contact PTA regarding the issue. There should have been a contact with the shelter! Thanks for the venting -- and you know what is on the menu for dessert tonight! Smile

Census, Smensus!

March 10th, 2010 at 09:31 pm

Just had to share:

We (and probably all of you) received a one page paper in the mail notifying us that we would receive the census in about a week. My first reaction was: Why spend all the money sending this? But the clincher was this: the envelope was address to Resident, our street address and zip were correct...........but the city was not ours! It was another city in the area. If our zip+4 had not been accurate, we would have not received this letter! So much for government in action......... Smile