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The Aroma of Soccer Practice! :( :)

April 9th, 2010 at 09:39 pm

This is not the aroma that you might think! Soccer practice aroma is generally one of stinky socks and shoes and time to take a shower. Well, in our neighborhood, the aroma is actually delicious! :0 and Frown

DD practices at a local middle school field. I run/walk around the track while she is practicing. This field is directly across the street from a wholesale bakery. Afternoons at this bakery seem to be spent baking cinnamon rolls or something similar. The smell is something to die for! The aroma must be adding pounds to my chubby figure! I feel like running across the street and licking the building. And to add insult to injury, a bakery outlet (not related to the business) is right next door.

Easter was a day to spend with the family. Munched on too much lunch thanks to my Mom's good food. Lamb (fresh on the farm), ham, and lots of other dishes. It was nice to see my Mom and Dad - they are getting older and more tired. Dad had knee replacement but is not doing as well as he should (he is in his 80s). Mom as been doing all the farm chores and is just plain tired (as well as having a leaky heart valve). She is almost 80. She did lose a lot of weight but test results showed nothing -- I think she is working way too hard plus she is a Type A+++ personality with a huge demand for perfection. One good thing is that financially they have everything spelled out. Trusts, bills, funeral plans, etc. Even her dress for the burial has been picked out. Very practical. Her soft spot is for her cats. Farm cats that are around for killing rats and she spoils them for sure. We did not have pets growing up so she is making up for lost time. Our cat came from the farm and she also enjoys killing suburban rats (and eating them as well).

We hung out at the farm for Monday and Tuesday - DD is on break this week. Monday it rained most of the day, so DD and I did a bunch of reading and relaxing. Of course, DH put his raingear on and played with the tractor! Smile I read almost all of the magazines I get but never have the time to read through. All but one was received free of charge - Elle Decor, Health, Fitness, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Guideposts. One thing I noticed is that most of the zines offered free stuff tucked away somewhere - either in an article, an ad, or a coupon. Free samples of deodorant, window screening, dog food, etc. I plan to take advantage of offers that interest me. When I got home, I also read the local "throw away" paper that cover the local communities in my area. Saw an article for free dog grooming for the unemployed (grooming for their pets! NOT THEM) with proof of job loss. Also, saw a free dinner for those in need. Free tutoring for school children after school. Free tennis lessons at a local park for kids. Free kids crafts classes at the local shopping center. Wow --- all of these freebies in my town. While I will not need these particular freebies, I sure hope those in financial need do. Or those just being frugal. Even this local paper is free (tossed to every driveway).

I am a Clumpy Spender

April 6th, 2010 at 07:42 pm

I am a clumpy spender and perhaps you are as well. I tend to spend in clumps. When I find that I have some time to shop deals, I am on a MISSION! In a whirl, I scour the ads, internet, etc. I will go to my local market (usually Ralph's and Sprouts), Target, Costco, etc. I will buy as much as the deal allows in order to stock up. Then I do not shop for weeks except for perishables. Yes, there are downsides to this strategy. I miss some good buys. I wish I could shop all deals (even if small) every week because I love the "thrill of the hunt." I do not check the ads diligently every week - yes, I may read them but do not pursue due to lack of time. Darn -- the daily stuff of life just gets in my way! Smile So I am destined to be clumpy until retirement!