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Counting the Change

May 2nd, 2010 at 06:49 pm

DD was bored for a bit on Friday pm, so she wanted to count all the change that I have been stashing in a large plastic bottle that I got at her baby shower 12 years ago (gasp! - time has flown). It is shaped like a baby bottle and probably equivalent to about a 2 liter bottle. She had to sort every coin by type (she inherited those characteristic from both Mom and Dad) and tabulated everything very carefully (while watching TV of course). Total for the bottle (2/3 full) is over $300!!!!! We have a contest going for the grand total when full --- I figure $500 or so. The winner get the largest vote for what to do with the money. The choice is something for the family to enjoy together. Estimate time to fill - about 2 months. So, summertime fun is on the way.

More bragging on my DD ----- locker cleanout was a few weeks ago. DD was rounding up her books and saw a perfectly good binder (looked brand new) in the trash. She fished it out and is now using it! I am proud!

DS finally checked in with us yesterday. He is a former frugal kid now consumed with the dark side of life (frivolous consumption). He is more concerned about having a good time and not at all worried about the future. He has no steady job and is not in school. This Mom is always worried! DS is not -- he figures that having fun is here and now and there is always time to get serious about things later. At least he does not have too many bills - rent is his major expense and he no longer has a car. DS does plan to attend school in the fall - it will only work if he buckles down. He turns 22 on Saturday - hopefully the party mode in high gear for too much longer. Sigh.......................