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Good Weekend Overall, Except.........

June 13th, 2010 at 07:41 pm


I am frosted (as the old saying goes). Friday night was great - DD had a choir award evening. Sunday was hockey - we lost, but a good workout means a win for me.

But Saturday...........
Saturday was our Girl Scout troop's end of year party at Disneyland. I purchased e-tickets from my employee's club. Turns out the tickets had already been redeemed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frown Some of us had volunteer tickets, but when the girls presented the e-tickets, the cast member told us that they have already been redeemed on June 7th. I had already had a problem with the club - when I purchased the tickets online on the 4th of June, I only got 4 instead of 8. I called them on the phone Monday am, and they said they would call me. Instead of a call, I got an email on June 7th after 3 pm with 8 tickets. So, I thought nothing of it. Printed them as usual. But -- they screwed up! I plan to email Disneyland to see if they could give me more detailed info on the time that the tickets were used - there were a few at each park. I also plan to drive to the club in LA Monday am with the emails as well as proof that I was there on Saturday. I do not want the tickets anymore because our party has passed -- I just want a refund to my CC. If I get no resolution, I will dispute on the CC. I have my parking stub, some of the tickets from the girls (I sent another mom to the booth to buy the tickets at full price)and GS permission slips for the event. I hope I have no problem. If anyone has any additional tips I would appreciate it.

But other than the ticket fiasco --- Disneyland was fun for the girls. We got there when they opened and they were smart enough to go to the popular rides first thing and fastpass for any others. We split them into groups and rotated periodically and they all got along beautifully. We dined together early with no crowds. Three girls brought their own lunch so that the provided $ would go further (I am proud to say DD was one of them). DD was checking out a DVD for Alice in Wonderland being sold at Disneyland. She commented that it was cheaper at the park rather than Target (a rare occurrence). Even the weather was nice - not too hot. So hopefully tomorrow, I will be a happy camper.

DD's last day of school is Thursday - so Friday I will take off and we'll hang out together. She wants to go on a bike ride around the neighborhood and go to the local shopping. I have some Starbucks GC's that we could use -- on stuff other than coffee. Also have coupons for free wontons at Pick up Stix. So I think we can cruise and have some lunch. The following two weeks I have a root canal scheduled Frown and then the 4th is coming up. I hope to take some time off in July and also in August to do some camping or to visit my folks.

Enjoy your evening!