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Everything Worked Out.....

July 6th, 2010 at 04:32 pm

The whole Disney e-ticket issue worked itself out. I went to the Club store on the next Monday, and spoke to their e-ticket seller. She made copies of all the emails I had and said she would have to confirm with Disney directly that those tickets had already been redeemed. She would credit my card, and also offered to pay the $3.50 difference per ticket that we had to pay at the theme park. Ms. ES called me the same day and figured out what had happened. I was originally sent only 4 tickets (they do not know why). When I called, Ms. ES was on vacation, and Mr. Backup ES took care of my problem. Instead of sending 4 additional tickets, he sent 8 new ones. But what happened is that another party was sent the 8 tickets that I had ordered. This party had wanted 4 park hopper tickets, but received 8 single park tickets. He had never ordered e-tickets before, so he figured 4 for each park = 8. So.....my CC was credited and I got a check directly from the Club. I did not have to dispute the CC. Ms. ES sent a written letter regarding the issue and followed up with a phone call. She also wanted to make sure that I was not scared off from ordering e-tickets in the future. So, everything ended well..........

The weekend was pretty mellow --- had family over for a 4th of July BBQ -- tritip (bought on sale for $1.99/lb about a month ago) and chicken breasts. Potato salad, coleslaw, rolls, baked beans, etc. Everything was yum..........

The 5th was spent laying a laminate floor in the living room area. Not quite done, but it does look pretty good. We bought the floor at Costco with a coupon.

Today was a vacation day --- took DD to her first day of summer enrichment (not summer school, but a fun class on singing) and ran some errands. Tonight is a soccer pickup game for DD - and I plan to jog/walk around the park while she plays. And then it is back to work tomorrow.... Frown