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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26th, 2010 at 06:48 pm

Hope all of you had a wonderful, filling Thanksgiving! I know I did! Smile Turkey - yum! Stuffing - yum! And more..... Smile Went to DB's home nearby - and it was sure cold. For So California it was just plain nippy (high in the upper 50's). Got a bike ride in the morning for some exercise in advance.
Today - I did not go to the mall or to Target for the Black Friday shop. I am more of a cyber Monday type of gal. DD and I did go to the local Rite Aid because it had a few deals I could take advantage of. Plus it is within walking distance in a small center. So, DD and I jogged there and walked back. Use a $4 off $20 coupon and got back $13 in Up rewards. Total after both = $3.94. Pretty good. I went in to get some fleece blankets - we are using these for a Girl Scout activity and will be making scarves for the homeless. Cost per scarf = 0.25 before the Up reward. Good price. Also, got candy for free, toothbrushes for free, and toilet paper for 38 cents a dbl 4 roll pkg.

Worked on processing our homemade wine today. DH tasted it and is very pleased. Our first (and test) batch is about 1/2 gallon. Got all the skins, seeds, etc. out and strained the liquid. Now back into the closet for a month or so. Tomorrow I process the white wine. DH has plans to plant LOTS more grapes on our acreage! Smile Still working on the olives - they are in the middle of the water curing process. I am waiting for the pickling salt that I ordered online to be delivered. DH tasted an olive yesterday - said it was OK at first but then I saw him spit it out and make an awful face! Smile Guess they are not ready yet! We have about 4 gallons of olives.

Trying to work on the upcoming Girl Scout event. Our troop is one of the organizers, and am trying to recycle and reuse anything I can so that costs are minimal. So far we are making bookmarks (library and convalescent homes), placemats (convalescent homes), holiday cards (military), scarves (homeless), and holiday posters (various local organizations). Also have a toy drive going (local fire station). I am trying to think of other crafts that the girls can do (age range 5-12). We do have baby food jars in the large craft box so maybe something there. The scarves will be geared towards the older girls and the baby food jars may be as well.

On the financial front, it is property tax time here. Yes, it hurts. Frown I also review my charitable giving for the year and make December gifts to the charities of my choice. DH is really pushing to buy some rental property because prices are lower (but are they?). I am a bit of a chicken. I had rental property when I was married to my first DH. It was a single family home and I remember going to court to boot out a tenant for non-payment. It was not a fun experience. The XDH got the property when we divorced and I kept our primary home (I am still in this home). He had some major expenses when the last tenant moved out and he put it up for sale a long time ago. But, we'll see........ the goal would be to have a property that ideally pays for itself and could be paid off by the time I retire in 5 years. There are some units in the area (within 5 miles) that are short sales so my DB (a real estate agent) is watching them for me.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Yikes - it has been awhile!

November 7th, 2010 at 08:26 pm

Life seems always so busy these days - that I either forget to post or feel nothing is worthwhile enough to post. But I am finally sitting here in front of the monitor...........

DD just finished 3 performances with her school choirs this past week -- very proud of her!!! Smile It was an '80s revue and DH knew every song. DD dressed with leg warmers and teased hair (good old days - NOT) She sure does enjoy the singing and choreography. DD is good at multi-tasking (may not always be a good thing) with homework, soccer, girl scouts, and her little business in addition to the choir practices. Soccer ends in a few weeks so she'll get a breather there. GS events are coming back in December - we are putting on an event for community service in December, and the girls continue to work on their Silver Award with guide dogs.

DH and I are trying to educate DD more on financial matters. She has her own checking and savings accounts with my CU and a savings account with a local bank. She has already recognized that the local account earns diddly-squat and we plan to transfer the entire balance to the CU accounts and close it. She wants to open her own account with ING Direct or a similar online bank. Pretty good for 12 years old. We have also discussed the current news regarding foreclosures. Her comment was something to the effect that people should not have been allowed to borrow above their means - base it on salary only and not equity.

I also got a notice from my employer that as of the end of year, I can no longer get paper EE bonds. I have a set amount of money withdrawn from my paycheck. So I need to determine if I should set up an online account or stop the whole thing. I have many, many EE bonds for both DD and DS. However, DS is currently having too much of a good time with his friends to think about going to college. Frown

We have been reaping a bounty from our acreage in the adjacent county. We have TONS of Granny Smith apples! I am thinking of drying them, making apple sauce, and perhaps apple pie. We have persimmons as well. We have grapes fermenting in the closet and will get some wine (or maybe vinegar!) Smile I have been watching youtube videos on how to make wine. A co-worker is also giving me tips. She has been doing this at home for years - but he buys his juice from a local supplier. We are trying with our own grapes.
Wish us luck...........................