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Brain Surgery

February 18th, 2011 at 09:34 pm

My friend that I have previously mentioned had her brain tumor removed on Wednesday. Removed 99%! Smile
Pathology report not back yet, but it appears to be cancer. Frown But Dr. is very optimistic because so much was removed. Radiation will be the next step. Visited her in her room today (already out of ICU) with a plan to go home on Sunday! Boy, that sounds quick. Her spirits was very good and she seems to feel OK for what she went through. Back to her joking and sarcastic self. It looks like a large bandaid over the incision area - I would have never guessed that she had brain surgery. The irksome part of all this is the delay with the insurance approvals. It took almost a month to get everything arranged - and in a month, the tumor grew considerably. Grrr............

Too Many Sickos!!!

February 13th, 2011 at 08:26 pm

Is everyone getting sick at work or at home? Here for sure. DH, then DD, and DH (again) have a bad cold with congestion. Sometimes chills and sometimes fever. I have escaped for the moment. FIL is pretty bad, too. DH took him to the Dr. who gave FIL some antibiotics. DH has not gone to Dr yet due to sheer stubbornness (which means he is not that sick!). Visited FIL today and his voice is soooo raspy. He is starting to look very frail (he is 91). Fairly good spirits though. Hope he bounces back to full strength.

Update for Sunday: FIL is much better and slept more soundly. Smile

Here's a WWYD (what would you do) question: Someone I know has a DH who is an alcoholic with no job and not looking very hard. She is also an alcoholic but does not drink (on Antabuse) and is fairly far gone and a "great" enabler. They have 2 children. Her DH is so bad that he hides his drink of choice in water bottles (I assume vodka). Mrs. DH has stated that when the family was driving somewhere she took a drink of what she thought was water. That is how I know. Anyway, I just think it is horrible that this man does not value his family or anyone else. Yes, I know that this is a sickness. I told her that he does not belong behind the wheel of a car and could kill himself, someone else, etc. She glossed over my remarks. My question: Is there anything I could or should do about this? The chances are good that Mr. DH brings a water bottle every time he drives. I do not see him at all (I think Mrs. DH has told him my opinion before) and her only occasionally but they live in an adjacent town. Any thoughts?

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

February 11th, 2011 at 09:21 pm

It's that time of year again - GS Cookies for sale! DD's troop has an individual goal of 134 boxes for a camping trip scheduled for June of this year. So far DD has surpassed the goal and is at about 250 or so. The GS Council in our county has started a new program called Cookies - Now! where the cookies are available the first day of the sale. This is in lieu of taking orders and delivering a month or so later. We were apprehensive about this because cookies must be purchased upfront and one could be "stuck" with the unsold cookies. So far my review of this program is a "thumbs up." It is easier to sell when you have the product in hand with a smiling girl holding the boxes! Smile Disadvantage: Determining how many boxes to buy upfront. But I work in an adjacent county where the cookies can only be ordered. So this has been a big advantage over the "competition" -- I have had repeat orders from customers. Also, we have some cookie varieties not available in that county. If we run out of cookies the cookie mom goes to the cookie warehouse. So far so good. DD should get all the do-dads incentive prizes she wanted. One scout we know has a goal of getting a laptop via the program (2500 boxes) - lofty goal but she is sure ambitious. She cold calls local businesses, etc. Wow.

The weekend should be busy as usual. There are free activities for kids and JoAnn and Michael's relating to Valentine's Day. DD wants to make homemade ones this year and course this weekend is it. And of course, Bath & Body Works is in the same shopping area. So we will have to hit that store with our free coupons. We also plan to visit our local library bookstore to donate books and magazines. The Saturday volunteer is the nicest gentleman and we plan to bring him some GS cookies for Valentine's Day.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!