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My Friend is Home!

March 1st, 2011 at 08:39 pm

My friend that had a brain tumor removed came home last Friday! Yay! She had a few ups and downs in the hospital (possible food poisoning with hospital food, for one) but is home and recovering. One cannot even tell where her scar is unless you really look (behind her ear). Her DH is retired so they are making the best of each moment. DF (dear friend) is out and about each day and getting her strength back. Very upbeat and planning a summer vacation. Radiation should start in about 2 weeks for a duration of about 6 weeks or so. Chemotherapy will probably be done concurrently. The outcome is all in God's hands, and I hope and pray for the best for her and her DH. Her DH's concern is that her life is comfortable and without any suffering no matter how long or short it turns out to be. I wish that for all of us. I did hear about more cases of this type of tumor (GBM) from a doctor friend of mine. Sure is more common than I would have thought. The Dr. had a friend that actually was able to compete in a triathlon after recovering from brain surgery. Wow! Yes, she was an athlete prior but it shows what one CAN do.

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  1. Jerry Says:

    That is great news (although the thought that hospital food could lead to food poisoning is absolutely horrible), and I hope that she continues to improve and remain upbeat! Did she have any surgery delays because of insurance approval? I've been reading about cases like that and it makes me angry. What an inspiring friend...

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