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June 23rd, 2013 at 06:13 pm

Life is yet another blur....... My dad has been in the hospital (ICU) since Wednesday. He had a lump on upper leg that would not go away. Through a series of events, he went to ER to get admitted so that the lump could be biopsied, and ended up waiting in the ER for at least 14 hours because there were no beds! Grrrr! I did not know that a hospital could be full like that! He finally was admitted and went to surgery where a mass was removed. Dad had some issues during surgery so a second mass was left in. He is still in ICU but should be transferred to a regular room tomorrow. We went to see him on Saturday (2-3 hr away from home) and he was still not awake. He did respond when I spoke to him (turning his head towards me) and moving around like crazy. He was trying to remove the ventilator and oxygen tubes - can't blame him! Today he did wake up so all of the tubes were removed. Yay! The initial lab result was bad (cancer) but he will get additional testing as soon as he is out if the ICU. Once the facts are in, he can decide what he wants to do. He is 86 and I hope he can live a peaceful, pain-free life on whatever terms he (and my mom) wishes.

So, as a result, I was unable to go to the Antiques Roadshow. Frown But my friend did go with her husband -- they had a great time even though the wait in line was 3 hours! I gave her a tablecloth that I thought was WWII era -- and it was. I thought it was from Japan (it isn't) but it was made from rayon because cotton was not available at that time. It was Middle Eastern looking but was either Italian or French made and sold in the United States. So the only guess is that my FIL bought it while he was in the service stationed in San Francisco. Worth --- about $60 - $65.

Still trying to rent our other house --- lots of calls and a few showings. Two people did take applications but did not return them. The house is priced on the lower end in our neighborhood - and a gardener and pool service are included. I plan to list it on some free sites today. The traffic that I am getting are from signs posted in front of the house and well as entrances to the tract. I have not been a landlord for a long time (20 years) so I am trying to figure out how long to hold out before lowering the price or not. Decisions, decisions....

Oil Change Grrs!

June 12th, 2013 at 09:14 pm

Went to the local dealer to get an oil change for my 2012 car. DH said that he does not have the time to do the work and the extra cost is not worth his effort. So.. I made an appointment last week for yesterday at 1 pm. I took the time off work and got there at about 12:45 pm. When I got there, everything was locked up!!!! There was a sign on the door that said that the dealership was closed from 12-2pm for an Employee Appreciation Luncheon. Seems no one called me to let me know what was going on! I was extremely hot since I wasted the hour I took off from work (I did bring magazines to read but that is not the point). I could not make another appt. because I was just over the mileage.

When the service reps arrived, they kept asking if I had spoken to the receptionist when I booked the service. Hey, I don't know - the person was female but that does not mean anything (this also frosted me since I work in a "male" occupation and have been asked on the phone if I was the receptionist!) Regardless, if an employee event was planned, the dealership should care about their customers enough to call and reschedule. The service rep did find the appointment time of 1 pm on the computer. He really did not seem sorry. He also did not offer a discount, or anything else. If I get an email from the dealer about the service, I definitely will mention the issue. Customers did not seem to come first.

My vent is not officially over.....

Life is Tough

June 9th, 2013 at 08:14 pm

Poor DD is sad --- she auditioned for a different choir for next year, but did not make it. She doesn't know why and does not want to ask the teacher about tips for improvement. Although I am prejudiced, DD is very good - better than some of the ones who made it into the other choir. But life is not fair! Unfortunately, DD's school schedule will not allow her to stay in the existing choir for next year. The new choir was zero period, whereas the existing one is 3rd or 4th. DD is also on the XC team which is last period, so there may be no juggling room. DD says that AP Chem is offered but that is a bit much for her at this time. It is her choice, but is sounds like running wins over singing. But her schedule will be better in 11th grade --- so choir can come back. She will try out again next June for the new choir, but has said that she will be OK if she does not make it and then resume with the existing choir. I may contact the counselor tomorrow to see if there is any hope.

On another note, the other house is up for rent. I have gotten lots of calls but nothing further. We did drop the initial asking amount by almost 8% so hopefully it will rent soon. I am going to buy another sign tomorrow to put at the entrance to the neighborhood. The price looks on the low side, but we'll make that up in a month.

It Has Been How Long?

June 1st, 2013 at 01:27 pm

Wow --- I did not realize that I have not blogged in almost 2 years! Frown I have been living vicariously through all others on SA. One factor is not blogging has been my place of employment. That is where I have the most time (at lunch of course) to check the SA site. But I am hesitant to post since everything is monitored. Not that I would mention anything negative or anything specific.

But things are still spinning furiously around here! Since my FIL passed 2 years ago, DH and I purchased his his home and moved in anout 6 months ago. We are in the process of putting our old house up for lease. I have been in that house about 25 years, and have seemed to collected lots and lots of things.......... Plus the home we now live in has lots and lots of things from my in-laws........Add those two together and you get = STUFF! We have had a garage sale, made lots of donations to local charities, library, freecycle, etc. and still have only made a medium dent in STUFF. Meanwhile, the new house has stuff everywhere. Frown Lots of kitchen items - china, dishes, etc. I set some aside for donation, but DH grew up with the item, so he wants to keep it. Plus with working, the other house, and activities with DD, I have very little time to go through STUFF.

On the plus note, I got free tickets to the Antiques Roadshow in a few weeks. I am going to pick a few small items to bring - I do not want to lug furniture, paintings, etc. This should be a fun experience!

Now, off to go through a box of STUFF!