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It Has Been How Long?

June 1st, 2013 at 01:27 pm

Wow --- I did not realize that I have not blogged in almost 2 years! Frown I have been living vicariously through all others on SA. One factor is not blogging has been my place of employment. That is where I have the most time (at lunch of course) to check the SA site. But I am hesitant to post since everything is monitored. Not that I would mention anything negative or anything specific.

But things are still spinning furiously around here! Since my FIL passed 2 years ago, DH and I purchased his his home and moved in anout 6 months ago. We are in the process of putting our old house up for lease. I have been in that house about 25 years, and have seemed to collected lots and lots of things.......... Plus the home we now live in has lots and lots of things from my in-laws........Add those two together and you get = STUFF! We have had a garage sale, made lots of donations to local charities, library, freecycle, etc. and still have only made a medium dent in STUFF. Meanwhile, the new house has stuff everywhere. Frown Lots of kitchen items - china, dishes, etc. I set some aside for donation, but DH grew up with the item, so he wants to keep it. Plus with working, the other house, and activities with DD, I have very little time to go through STUFF.

On the plus note, I got free tickets to the Antiques Roadshow in a few weeks. I am going to pick a few small items to bring - I do not want to lug furniture, paintings, etc. This should be a fun experience!

Now, off to go through a box of STUFF!

4 Responses to “It Has Been How Long?”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Excellent! I tried to get tickets to AR a few years ago, but I didn't get drawn. I would love to go!

  2. snafu Says:

    Wow! Moving, coping with work, DH, two kiddos and two households of 'stuff' is a lot on your plate. What is the time frame for getting your previous house rented? A lot of reliable families seeking a rental would be searching in June with the aim of moving by early August so that their children felt secure by school start in September.

    I can empathize since I still recall the work required to empty mom's house when she passed on, stage it to sell and finally haul that stuff out when it sold faster than we expected. After yard sales and donation we had the remainder trucked to auction for a better return than we expected. If you have antiques and valuable family heirlooms you have a whole other situation. If it's any help, brother and I wrote out a criteria for sell, donate and trash. We trashed anything broken, damaged, wrecked not functioning correctly. We sold the items that were in perfect condition and still available in stores.

    No antiques but mom had lots of 60's 70's, 80's kitchy stuff 'that might be needed, some day.' DB and I were filling our cars each day and dropping boxes of stuff at Value Village, Goodwill and SA daily at the end of each session. Her appliances were functioning but old [nearly vintage] and we were delighted with the response from CraigList and FreeCycle. We sent the magazines to hospital Emergency rm and craft items to a nearby nursing home/assisted living for seniors. The administrador sent us a lovely Thank You note as seniors were delighted to complete projects that had been started. They sell them at their annual craft show.

    For our stuff, we do New Item in - Old Item out to control volume. If we don't use an item for more than a year and don't love it - we let it go - either trash if it's in poor condition, sell, re-gift, donate, free cycle what-ever is appropriate. It's too much work and too much stress to look after stuff that doesn't fit, is uncomfortable, doesn't help or add to our lifestyle.

    ...just some thoughts

  3. SavingBucks Says:

    Thank you, snafu, for some ideas. I am laughing at the "might be needed, some day" mantra. DH certainly says that in regards to all of the garage stuff! Both MIL and FIL were also collectors. We found DH's grandfather's hearing aid in a box! And someone's (MIL or one of her parents) partial dentures! Smile They grew up in the Depression era where things were of short supply. Both liked to hide money and other things. When we were going to use the fireplace in January, DH looked inside and found a paper bag. Inside was a small jewelry box with some river pearl type earrings! We have looked inside all boxes and stuff before disposition. You are right, stress is rampant here, but there is hope! Smile
    For Rent sign will be going up tomorrow. Hoping to get it rented before school starts at the end of August. House has a pool so I am hoping that feature is a draw here in SoCal. We will pay for pool maintenance and gardener so the place looks decent. Only things left are in the garage and can be moved while waiting for a tenant. DH has an extreme perfectionist streak and had to do almost EVERYTHING in the house himself. So took over a year. The house looks far better than it ever did while we lived there!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    You've been busy! Let us know how the Antiques Roadshow goes...sounds like fun!

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