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GS Weekend

August 10th, 2013 at 09:00 am

This weekend DD and her troop are finishing up a Journeys project. They are Seniors (going into 10th grade) and this is the last hurdle before working on the Gold Award. It was hard to get them up this am, but now they are busy having a Sharpie throwing contest! I am outside. Breakfast was French toast and eggs. The girls did it all and did not have to be prompted for cleanup. Lunch is sandwiches and dinner is at Downtown Disney. Tomorrow is wrap up with bagels and cream cheese. Lots of grapes and watermelon as well. The girls are a good bunch and work together well. They do not always cross paths at school which makes their meetings a better thing. I am so proud of them all because not many girls stick it out this long. They have definite ideas for the Gold Award ranging from music to construction. It will be interesting to see the planning and implementation process. I have been trying to give them ideas for fundraising as well more frugal ways to accomplish something. Polishing their speaking and presentation skills will go along way when they ask for donations of building supplies, etc. I will be one of the advisers for the troop assisting in the proposal prodding and more. The troop has chatted about ideas, budget, and plan to make PowerPoint proposals for the Council committee. This will definitely prepare the, for the real world.

Application Still Pending

August 5th, 2013 at 09:53 pm

DS's application for community college is still in pending mode. Semester starts August 26 --- so I hope every it done quick so he can get some classes of some sort. He has gone to community college before and not done well. Fun and rent have always gotten in the way. So far, only 2 classes from the first prior school were good. I have an unofficial transcript pending from the second. He says he wants to make a new start, and I hope it goes this way.

I spoke to DS to brainstorm ways to make additional monies and/or cut expenses. There are at least 2 temp agencies within walking distance. He can check them out to see if anything can work for him. Food pantry ---- there has to be some nearby. My friend goes to one near my neighborhood. I drove her one time and they are so generous!!! Lots of fresh produce and other goodies. This same friend (who was unemployed due to cancer and is now on permanent disability) also has made money entering 2nd chance lottery tickets online at the state lottery website. Some tickets have monies not claimed (duh!) and others give one a shot at second chance drawings. This same friend got a ticket to be on the California Lottery Show and won $30,000 on TV (yes, from a second chance ticket that was mailed in). I told DS about this - picking up tickets can be a bit disgusting but the odds are better than a quick pick!

I am also referring him to swagbucks -- he currently has the time (and the internet) to earn points for GCs, etc.

Anyone have any more ideas? This is for a young man who used to pick up coupon inserts for me when he was a kid out of the piles of newspapers left out for trash!

The House is Rented!

August 4th, 2013 at 03:30 pm

Yipee! Tenants signed lease effective August 1st!!! One less thing to worry about --- unless they stop paying! Nice couple with teens who want to change the landscaping at their own cost. No problem with us -- we want to save one rose bush to relocate to our house. We are planning to get the house exterior painted next week so it will be in better shape then when we had lived there! Smile

My mom got a letter from Social Security in regards to my father's death and survivor benefits. It looks like that she will be automatically switched over to his higher benefits. She needs to verify the deposit amount to confirm. Also will be paid the $255 death benefit to be direct deposited as well. I am glad that she did not have to go the office and potentially endure a delay.

My DS is giving everyone fits --- he is in his mid 20s and has been drifting (or getting by) for awhile now. But his money has been running our and family will not assist him any longer unless he make some dramatic changes. It has been mostly his dad who bails him out --- I give cash gifts for birthday and Christmas and food/toiletry care packages. Well, DS was laid off and has no income. His car was repossessed by his dad due to nonpayment for parking tickets (total laziness -- just can get up to move the car on street sweep days). So, we told him to apply for financial aid and go back to school full-time. He can walk or take the bus! I have always said that I would pay for college but he had not wanted to go for the last few years (he is ADHD which does not help with focusing but he needs to GROW UP). So far, it looks like he will be eligible for monies. His application for the closest community college has been submitted. There is a paralegal program (approved by the ABA) that may be promising for him. He can still transfer to a 4 year university afterwards but be more marketable as a paralegal in the event something happens. If he gets aid, then I will take the amount that I would have paid for college and contribute the monies towards his needs (rent for example). But of course, I will pay for the rent directly to the landlord because DS and money are always squandered - he has little impulse control. He has been in party mode. I told him to look for a job on the weekends only and go to school during the day during the week. He has also applied for food stamps. So, hopefully, he will get the message. He sent me a budget and I will go over it with him. I think that a weekend job will be tight but can work. His share of rent with utilities, etc. is about $400 per month. He may have to make a few sacrifices. I will be meeting with the ex-DH and stepmom to discuss the situation and come up with a united front. Ex-DH is the weakest link in the chain --- he has always felt guilty and DS capitalizes on that................ My DD has even gotten on the phone and told DS that he was not a smart donkey (not in those words)! Wish me luck!