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GS Weekend

August 10th, 2013 at 09:00 am

This weekend DD and her troop are finishing up a Journeys project. They are Seniors (going into 10th grade) and this is the last hurdle before working on the Gold Award. It was hard to get them up this am, but now they are busy having a Sharpie throwing contest! I am outside. Breakfast was French toast and eggs. The girls did it all and did not have to be prompted for cleanup. Lunch is sandwiches and dinner is at Downtown Disney. Tomorrow is wrap up with bagels and cream cheese. Lots of grapes and watermelon as well. The girls are a good bunch and work together well. They do not always cross paths at school which makes their meetings a better thing. I am so proud of them all because not many girls stick it out this long. They have definite ideas for the Gold Award ranging from music to construction. It will be interesting to see the planning and implementation process. I have been trying to give them ideas for fundraising as well more frugal ways to accomplish something. Polishing their speaking and presentation skills will go along way when they ask for donations of building supplies, etc. I will be one of the advisers for the troop assisting in the proposal prodding and more. The troop has chatted about ideas, budget, and plan to make PowerPoint proposals for the Council committee. This will definitely prepare the, for the real world.

1 Responses to “GS Weekend”

  1. snafu Says:

    Good on daughter and troop friends for sticking with the program. Kudos to mom for encouraging their participation and working with the girls to their Gold Award. The skills they are learning and practicing will be a huge confidence builder and practical skill through the scary times as high school students who are feeling so much stress.

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