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Good Deals on the Weekend and a Question

November 11th, 2013 at 04:57 pm

This was my "power shopping" weekend. This really means that I had the time to research the best deals and coupon combining to go to my local stores. There were some good deals at a new Gelson's store but the store was not that close and I always to figure in the price of gas.

I went to CVS to get the store brand Tylenol that was free after machine coupon. I had a 50 cent off any order coupon so that paid for the tax. I also stocked up on some female supplies for my DD. CVS had their store brand at "Buy 1 get the other one at 50% off." Plus I had a get $3 off $10 when you buy any. So this beats any deals at the other stores. While going to the checkout, I noticed someone taking Halloween candy out of boxes and marking them down. All Halloween items were 90% off! Of course I need candy like a hole in the head (as the old saying goes) but I could not resist. There were 4.5 lb bags of Child Play candy for 79 cents! I bought a few bags and then hustled to the checkout. I figured I would buy more if I stayed. Smile

I went to our local Vons and Ralphs and got some deals. It is too bad that the double couponing has been gone for a few years and the great deals are just not there.

Target was the "target" for today and I got what I needed (I had coupons for almost everything). However, DD came along for the shop and found some dresses she wanted. Lucky for me I had a coupon for $10 off $50 or more of women's clothing/accessories.

The best part is that these stores are all within 1 mile of my house and of each other so I shop local and do not waste gas.

Now on to my question....... I was looking at the garage freezer and throwing out the items I had forgotten about in an attempt to do better about wasting food. There is a frozen Butterball turkey from 2008! It was my FILs (lame excuse I know). Anyway, would it be worth defrosting and cooking for our canine family? Or should I just chuck it? It looks good (no apparent freezer burn).

Close Call, etc.

November 1st, 2013 at 01:32 pm

My brother works at LAX, but today he was in downtown LA when the shooting took place. He said that he parks in the same lot where the gunman came from. His co-workers were all sent home. I am so glad that he is safe.

Today is my Friday off, and I seem to have a set routine -- take DD to school, laundry, boot camp, and then more laundry. I also stopped by a local women's shelter with a donation of clothing, books, etc. Turns out that they can use those reproducing white grocery bags, so I will definitely stop by and bring them lots. I will also stop by our local library bookstore with a donation of magazines and books as a start to my bike ride.

I am (still) going through boxes of stuff and am finding many, many things that I forgot I ever had (and probably will not miss). Books are my weakness and I need to read and pass them on. But that can be tough because I always figure that I will read the same book time and time again. sigh.......

Halloween was a pleasant surprise. We had lots of neighborhood kids, and got rid of almost all of the candy! I will take the surplus to work on Monday -- the guys will gobble them up. I will make sure that these go into the other trailer. This way I would have to make a conscious effort to eat them myself. I am keeping my fingers crossed!