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Sleepless in Seatlle

December 28th, 2013 at 05:10 pm

I am watching this movie -- it brings back a lot of memories. This is a movie that DH took me to while dating, A "chick flick" as he puts it now. I remember that DH shyly put his arm around me at the theater. This was a second date. The first date I got the nerve to ask him to my company Christmas party. He went and we had a good time. He likes to tease me about what happened when he brought me home. I blushed, said thanks, and ran inside. .... it's a wonder that we went out again! But I had just started dating again after a very nasty divorce, and am shy if one does not know me. But we have been married over 18 years now. Maybe we will even go to Seattle someday.........

Christmas was at my house. Everything was great, both food and company. One of my brothers was in Disney World for Christmas, and to surprise me Mom we did FaceTime with him and his family. Mom was very happy.

But now we are still deluged with leftovers. ..... The dogs have been lucky to be the beneficiaries of some leftover meat and gravy (with the fat skimmed off). I have been getting creative and making turkey tacos and the like. No need to go to the grocery store except
for milk.

I had purchased new sheets for our bed and need to go back to Kohl's to exchange them. The fitted sheet does not fit by a long shot, so I think it is defective. I am just waiting for the after Christmas crowds to die down.

I am so proud of my son. He finished his first semester back at college after a long hiatus, and got an 'A' and three 'B's. He seems very excited about a new purpose in life. He is still uncertain about a major but that will come with time. He is looking for a part time job to help with expenses but seems to finally get it! He is focused on school and is trying to live as frugally as possible. He is actually couponing!