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Not Much of an Update

September 27th, 2014 at 09:45 pm

A long time has passed since I have added an entry. Why -- Life is pretty much the same thing. But here goes......

Work is slow but will be picking up next year. I am officially eligible to retire. Now that I am at the end of the tunnel, it is hard to get out of the hole! Springtime is the best time to go due to taxes and a few other things. It is a huge change and am debating whether 2015 or 2016 is the year. DD will be starting college in fall 2016, but my retirement has no financial implications on her tuition. We have savings in place. I am planning to work part time in some fashion, but have not thought seriously about it.

DH has 10 years to go until full retirement and I think he is a bit jealous that I have the option. Well... I did point out to him that he was a full time student when we married and did not get a full time gig until about 5 years afterwards. So it is my turn! Smile

I am really trying to get the house in shape since we moved almost 2 years ago -- too much stuff of course. The storage at this house is smaller, and things are a bit scattered. The trouble is that DH wants to hang onto his family's stuff (not antiques, either -- dime store stuff) and anything I have should be dumped. Sigh.... At least I am able to get rid of old clothing, sheets, etc. via a fundraiser for my DD's team. They get $$ per pound for textile items.

My Mom is still living on her own and doing well. Her mind and health are good for 83. She has an annuity (was a 10 yr one) that she was receiving interest every 3 months. It is maturing and she received a letter asking for her preferred option for the account. There were only 2 options listed and cashing out was not one of them (I think one was a lifetime annuity payout and the other 1 5 year plan of some sort). I called the company and got a fishy answer. He said that when it matures it will stay liquid and she can get her principal out at any time. He stated that my mom could send a letter of instruction if she wanted to do something else. But that she should also look at the contract. I looked at the contract and the language is confusing. She decided to receive the entire lump sum and invest it somewhere else (this is money that she does not need). So I drafted a letter of instruction and she mailed it via certified mail last week. However, when I looked up to see if the letter has been delivered -- it has not yet been delivered! So much for the US Post Office. It was out for delivery today (Saturday) but the business was closed. So it should be delivered on Monday. My question --- the actual maturity date is tomorrow. But the letter will not be received until Monday. Does anyone think that the company will cause any problems with this? Or should everything be OK since the maturity date is on a Sunday? Any feedback would be great.

1 Responses to “Not Much of an Update”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Whether you decide to retire or not, I'm sure having the option sure makes it nice!

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