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What To Say

June 18th, 2015 at 12:12 pm

I have not posted in quite some time but have continue to lurk around the pages..............

Anyway, I am in need of some advice. I just found out that a male cousin in his early 40s has stage 4 cancer. He had stage 1 10 years ago but it has returned with a vengeance. He is married (wife about 10 years older) and 4 children from 11-17 years of age. His wife has not worked for a long time. I am not super close with them but am worried about the family's emotional and financial future after he is gone. I do not know the current state of their finances other than they own a home and are making payments. They look OK from the surface. I am trying to think of how to broach the subject of finances with the family which I think should be done before he declines to a point where he cannot provide information or his opinion. I cannot speak to his mother (my aunt) because frankly, I think she is odd. She would think I am trying to butt into their personal affairs. I have spoken to the wife in the past about general savings principles -- couponing, free stuff for kids to do in their area, etc. One of my brother is closer to him, and he may try to broach the subject. But how do you? I do not want to butt in, but I do not want them to end up in foreclosure, etc. I just want to try to help her find out what she may be entitled to -- life insurance, social security, etc. and try to get as much done as possible now so when something happens the transition will be least be less painful on the financial side.