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Sure Seems Like Hawaii or Florida Right Now......

July 19th, 2015 at 06:43 pm

I live in So Cal and Delores the Tropical Something is passing through. It has rained significantly both yesterday and today! Warm rain with thunder and lightning. Just plain hot. Local beaches were closed yesterday due to the lightning. Very strange muggy weather that I do not recall being this bad growing up. I have never been to either Hawaii or Florida but I definitely do not like this kind of weather. And we are about 5 miles from the beach. I prefer my rain to be COLD.

DH was busy putting put 5 gallon buckets to catch any rain coming from the gutters. I did laundry earlier today and hung items on the clothesline. Dry in the nick of time!

Went to Ralphs' for grocery shopping and to linger in the AC! Had some digital coupons including $30 for filling a prescription. Got a veggie tray on markdown for $1.49 (reg $7.99) dated today that we had for lunch along with homemade bean burritos. I am planning something for crockpot for tomorrow due to the heat. I did see something at clearance at was tempting -- an older model Sodastream (brand new in the box) for $20. There were about 5 of them in the back. But we do not drink enough soda to justify. I certainly do not want to increase soda intake not do I need another machine in the house......................